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    Hang Ten Unveils New Hard Goods and Beach Accessories Line at Outdoor Retailer

    Hang Ten's "fish" surfboard.

    Hang Ten, one of the most influential brands in surf history, today unveiled an array of merchandise including stand up paddleboards (SUPs, including inflatable SUPs), surfboards, skateboards and various beach accessories such as beach chairs, umbrellas and sunshades at Outdoor Retailer.

    “We are excited to debut this incredible line of products that not only stays true to Hang Ten’s roots, but one that we are confident will also reach a new generation of sports enthusiasts,” said Jeff Balaban, Senior Vice President, D6 Sports. “Hang Ten is everyone’s brand – it IS ‘The Original Surf Brand’.”

    Dedicated to supporting the eco movement, Hang Ten hard goods are produced in a factory committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Every step in the production of Hang Ten products is aimed at minimizing their effect and waste with a carefully planned recycling project that runs throughout their entire facility and company infrastructure.

    In addition, Hang Ten has been working with ECO-Warrior Foundation co-founder and Aloha School of Surfing founder, James Pribram, on programs designed to help with the overall health of the environment. Pribram, a professional surfer who educates people on how they can contribute to environmental issues such as improving water quality, protecting endangered reefs and wildlife, and enhancing life on earth for everyone, is a big supporter of the Hang Ten products and has been utilizing the boards during surf lessons.

    “The Hang Ten surfboards are great to teach on because they are made with much denser foam allowing people to ride smaller waves while they are learning,” said James Pribram, Co-Founder, ECO-Warrior Foundation. “Personally, I love riding them because they are much faster than most soft top boards.”

    The 2013/2014 Hang Ten Collection Includes:

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards:
    The Hang Ten inflatable SUP¹s have to been seen, felt and paddled to be believed. These boards are made of the industry leading marine grade materials and the thickest core available today – 6 inches thick! They can be inflated and ready to go in under 10 minutes. And best of all, they can be rolled up and stored in a space a little larger than a camping sleeping bag.

    These inflatable SUP¹s are compact, easy to transport (no SUV or roof racks needed), lightweight, rigid, and come ready to use!! The Hang Ten inflatable SUP¹s come with an aluminum breakdown adjustable paddle, easy to use hand pump with pressure gauge, EVA traction pad, life jacket or storage secure bungee cord, mesh storage/carrying bag with backpack straps and a repair kits.

    Stand Up Paddleboards:
    With over 25 years of foam board manufacturing experience, the factory that produces our Hang Ten boards build them with experience and knowledge that others can’t offer.

    Equipped with a life jacket secure strap and leash, the Hang Ten SUPs are lightweight, rigid and thin. With tucked rails and incorporated deck pads for comfort and grip, the boards come with an adjustable paddle for all users and stringers that are moulded into the foam core, not cut into it.

    With over 25 years of foam board manufacturing experience, Hang Ten boards are built with experience and knowledge that others can’t offer.

    Made from some of the best materials available, the Hang Ten soft top surfboards are lightweight, rigid, thin and fast. The boards come with FCS compatible fin boxes, tucked rails, and have tail pads that are incorporated into the construction of the boards with stringers that are moulded into the foam core, not cut into it. Pick one up and you will instantly know this surfboard is different.

    Made in America Skate Series:
    Hang Ten became a pioneering force in action sports back in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, Hang Ten captures that groundbreaking style with our Made in America skateboard series. With the help of skateboard shaping legend Dale Smith, each board has been designed and perfected down to the individually selected maple. Built by the best board constructors in America, the Hang Ten line is complimented with trucks from two of the most well respected companies in the industry in order to offer the precision that today¹s riders demand. Our wheels are poured with the most advanced formulas available at America¹s premier wheel factory.

    Hang Ten Original Skate Series:
    To capture the original spirit of Hang Ten, we took a “retro-modern” approach to our Cruiser Series. Once again, we enlisted the expertise of skateboard shaping legend Dale Smith to design and perfect each board. Creating a technically advanced version of the original 1978 series, the Bamboo ¹78 and Black Beauty ¹78 were born. In addition, we are introducing the barefoot friendly, cork-top Fatty, as well as the groovy-gliding, cambered, Invitational completes. Great wheels, trucks, bearings and bushings compliment the series and offer great value.

    Logo courtesy Hang Ten

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