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    AVEX Water Bottles Offers Mix-and-match Options

    According to the AVEX website, "AVEX products are functionally smarter, enhancing efficiency of use during activities to increase athletic performance."

    AVEX produces water bottles  that are customizable to each athlete with a variety of tops and bottle bodies.

    “AVEX is known for its super-duper technology,” said AVEX Brand Ambassador from Ignite USA Neil Bradshaw. “The main thing about the technology is that first, we’ve got one-hand operation. You press a button and you either flip open a straw or you allow yourself to pour.”

    That technology is AUTOSPOUT, which utilizes a straw and protects against leaks, dirt, and germs. Another is AUTOSEAL, which doesn’t incorporate a straw, promoting its simplicity because of easy pouring. Bike bottles and children’s water bottles are also sold by AVEX.

    “Once you’ve decided on what technology you want, you say, ‘What bottle do I want it on?'” Bradshaw said. “Do I want it on a 25-ounce, a charcoal 32-ounce, or do I want it on a stainless insulated?”

    While it is possible to mix and match the tops and bottoms of the water bottles, they are not currently sold individually.

    “Right now you can’t buy independent of each other but they are interchangeable,” he said.

    Bradshaw said this is something the company is looking into for the future, but currently the market does not support it enough.

    “Eventually we’ll get replacement lids,” he said.

    Image by Ariel Black

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