BikeRoar Gives Cyclists the Tools to Roll Along with Local Purchasing Power

    BikeRoar, the online bicycle information hub dedicated to providing the latest news, products and advice to consumers is integrating new features into its website. Recent site updates have seen new tools added that allow consumers to search for cycling products, then compare not only their specifications but their pricing from multiple outlets. This timesaving functionality connects consumers and Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBD’s) like never before.

    “Our company is committed to preserving the important relationship between retailer and consumer despite the pervasiveness of online retail,” said BikeRoar’s Global Business Development Manager Dax Neech. “Empowering consumers to make educated purchases before stepping foot in a store helps the industry gain more passionate bicyclists.”

    Before BikeRoar, finding the perfect bike gear was often a long and involved struggle. Now shoppers can easily find the goods they are looking for by narrowing product searches through brand, year, category and price range filters. As users browse over 40,000 items a ‘Compare’ box can be checked next to a product of interest, this opens a side-by-side comparison feature that outlines each product’s ratings, specifications, features and price. It’s an easy and effective way to view the pros and cons of one item versus another and determine the perfect match between product and consumer.

    Frequently submitted merchandise reports from local shops help guide BikeRoar users through the buying process. Shoppers can conduct a localized search that tells them which bike shops have the product in stock, how far away the store is located, and the current retail price. The face-to-face interaction encouraged by BikeRoar allows IBD employees an excellent opportunity to answer the many questions that arise during the buying process, which creates more informed and passionate cyclists.

    BikeRoar is more than just a service to help shoppers through the buying process, it’s also a trusted source for all things cycling. Loaded with news, reviews, buying and riding tips and tricks, BikeRoar is THE place to go when it comes time to decide where to ride, when to ride and how to ride.

    Head to to find product information, great content, and an always-expanding base of participating IBD’s near you.

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