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    Icebug Introduces the ARDOR olx

    Icebug's Ardor olx is perfect for withstanding rough, slippery or wet conditions of off-trail running.

    New for Spring 2014, Icebug Footwear is proud to present the Ardor olx. Born out of the need for ultimate traction, this shoe is at home off-trail and truly shines when the going gets rough, slippery or wet.

    Designed for the off-trail enthusiast, who needs a higher level of stability and cushioning, it performs anywhere you need comfort, protection and unparalleled traction, making the Ardor olx a perfect shoe for your next Tough Mudder, trail run, or even hiking.

    Icebug’s patented olx technology, features sixteen fixed carbide steel spikes to find purchase on wet trails, roots or slick hard pack in a way no other shoe can. Paired with a durable non-absorbent synthetic upper to keep the shoe from gaining weight when running through water, and a reinforced toe box, this shoe is built to conquer whatever the Mother Earth can throw your way.

    In addition to the olx technology, the midsole offers a rigid platform for torsional stability and support on rough, uneven surfaces. With only 5mm of drop and a low -profile sole, the Ardor olx provides improved ground feel for a more natural stride. When it comes down to it, this shoe performs not matter how rough the going gets.

    See the Ardor olx passing you at your next off-road race, or come by to see it for yourself at OR Summer Market at booth PV461m and stay for a refreshing SnoCone and a new pair of Arch Flex Insoles.

    Image courtesy Icebug Footware

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