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    Icebug Footwear Introduces the Enlight RBX9

    Icebug's Enlight RBX9 for superior trail running traction, no matter the season.

    The New Standard In Summer Trail Traction

    New for Spring, 2014 Icebug Footwear is proud to present the Enlight RBX9 for superior trail running traction, no matter the season. Based on the popular Anima, the Enlight allows for more room in the forefoot and a more natural fit overall to create the best trail running shoe you can find for summer fitness and fun.

    The Enlight RBX9 is a light trail running shoe designed for a runner who needs unparalleled traction over roots, rocks and mud. With a flexible midsole that allows for natural motion and a lacing system that keeps your heel in place, the Enlight allows you to maintain a natural stride and run with confidence, no matter the terrain.

    “We made Enlight feel light like an asphalt shoe even though it’s built on a trail running platform and outsole. It invites you to try the true joy of trail running in the summer months,” says Karin Lundqvist, head of design at Icebug.

    Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, the RBX9 rubber grips when others slip, yet is as durable as traditional rubber. Specially designed rubber spikes add to traction capabilities, but don’t add height to the low profile outsole and cushioned midsole. One run down your favorite trail and you will feel the benefits of a consistent gait, no-slip traction and underfoot stability.

    Stop by to see the Enlight RBX9 for yourself at Summer OR at Icebug booth PV461, and stay for a refreshing SnoCone and a new pair of Arch Flex Insoles

    Image courtesy Icebug Footware

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