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    Video: Divers Barely Avoid Becoming Whale Lunch

    Divers from swimming off California’s central coast got a front-seat view of what appears to be humpback whales feeding. Unfortunately, the scuba divers were a little too close for comfort. The whales breached the surface of the water mere inches away, nearly swallowing one of the swimmers. The incident was filmed form aboard the dive boat Magic, owned by the diving company SloDivers.

    Much like bears, humpback whales feed during the warmer months and live off their reserves of fat during the winter. It takes an extraordinary amount of fish and krill to feed an adult humpback, which can consume upwards of 4,000 pounds of food per day during the feeding season. Their diet generally does not include human. Although humpback mouths are certainly large enough to enclose around a person, their throats are surprisingly narrow and will not allow large objects to pass through.

    The video contains some strong language.

    Image screenshot of video by shawn stamback on YouTube

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