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    Bob Miller Appointed to Spearhead Delta “T” Systems Complete HVAC

    Bob Miller joins Delta "T" Systems.

    Delta “T” Systems has announced the appointment of HVAC veteran Bob Miller to its staff. In his role as HVAC specialist of the new Delta “T” Complete vessel ventilation program, Miller’s goal is to set a new benchmark of reliability in marine heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and to spearhead the HVAC portion of the new Delta “T” Complete program. This comprehensive new program was formed to offer boat-builders a one-stop shop for all of their vessels’ ventilation requirements, including engine room ventilation, HVAC, galley and head ventilation and unmanned space ventilation.

    Miller may be new to Delta “T” Systems, but he’s no stranger to the world of marine ventilation. Beginning with nine years of submarine service in the US Navy, Miller’s experience with HVAC systems runs the gamut, from engineering to servicing. This includes service provision for some of the largest marine contractors in the world, as well as a stint as crew engineer on a 127′ auxiliary ketch. Most recently, Miller helped develop the AC and refrigeration shop at highly regarded Viking Yachts Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida.

    Miller’s role in the Delta “T” Complete vessel ventilation program is to assist owners and boat builders from start to finish in the planning and installation of the most appropriate HVAC system for a particular vessel.

    This includes working with suppliers who meet the company’s quality expectations. Delta “T” offers a choice of services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

    Once the owner/operator furnishes the general arrangement (GA) vessel drawing, Miller performs a heat gain/heat loss analysis on the vessel’s interior spaces and designs the appropriate HVAC system to meet the customer’s needs. Then, Delta “T” Systems’ application engineers design the remainder of the vessel’s ventilation systems, including engine room ventilation, galley, laundry and head ventilation and any needed unmanned compartment ventilation.

    Following the design of all ventilation systems and the specification of the appropriate components, a full quotation is prepared and delivered to the customer for review and consideration. Upon acceptance of the quote, all applicable equipment is manufactured and shipped to the customer for installation.

    Bob Miller and the Delta “T” Complete team are set up to handle all of the ventilation needs onboard a vessel. This keeps a build on schedule, within budget and performing properly.
    Contact Delta “T” Systems, 858 W 13th Ct., Riviera Beach, FL 33404. 561-204-1500; Fax: 561-848-1611. [email protected]; www.deltatsystems.com.

    Image courtesy Delta "T" Systems

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