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    Grand Trunk Hammock Gives Away Gear, Celebrates National Hammock Day

    In celebration of National Hammock Day on July 22, Grand Trunk Goods is giving away more than $3,000 in prizes.

    Grand Trunk Goods is promoting National Hammock Day on July 22 through a photo contest that will award more than $3,000 in prizes.

    The company is providing three methods for people to enter themselves to win one of the prizes. You can enter by liking the Facebook page, using the hashtag #GrandTrunkNHD to tweet a photo to @grandtrunkgoods, or using the same hashtag and tagging @grandtrunkgoods on Instagram.

    The grand prize is a double-parachute nylon hammock, mozzy mosquito netting, tree slings, and a rain-fly. Twenty winners will receive a double parachute nylon hammock and tree slings. Ten winners will receive a single parachute nylon hammock and tree slings. The contest will end at 3 a.m. CST on July 20. Winners will be announced July 20.

    Don’t own a Grand Trunk Goods hammock yet? You can still enter the contest with a photo of where you plan to take the hammock if you were to win one.

    In addition to hammocks, the company also sells tents, shelters, cookware, sleep sacks, pillows, water bottles, and travel bags, among other products.

    Although the full list of hammocks for sale on the website is quite extensive and includes a range of prices, the single-parachute nylon hammock retails for $54.99, with the double set at $64.99. There are several other options available, with the least expensive being the $19.99 ultralight travel hammock.

    The website stated, “Grand Trunk makes goods for travel, not trips. Travel is about experience, something that stays with you for the rest of your life. It’s a lifestyle that’s not for everyone, which is why Grand Trunk makes goods for the roads less traveled.”

    ActionHub was sent its own Grand Trunk double parachute nylon hammock for review. This product is easy to stow and lightweight, making it perfect for camping or hiking trips where the supplies carried must be limited. It comes with attached clips and additional rope to secure the hammock. Another great feature is that the bag the hammock comes in is attached to the middle, side area of the hammock itself. As someone who is constantly misplacing the separate bags that my camping supplies are purchased with, this is quite helpful for keeping everything in one place and packing up quickly.

    After the hammock is easily set up, it’s time to enjoy. The parachute material forms well to the body, leaving the user feeling stable. This material is also good for keeping the heat down, especially when used during summertime. The lightweight feel is breathable, so you can enjoy relaxing for a longer period of time.

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