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    Call for Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition Bike Industry Leadership Awards Nominations

    The Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC) is pleased to announce the annual call for nominations for its Pioneering Women Award and First Ascent Award in the Bike Industry. The Pioneering Women and First Ascent Awards for the Bike Industry were established by OIWC in 2006 to recognize a remarkable woman who has paved the way for other women, as well as an up-and-coming leader who shows strong potential for being an industry influencer. Past winners include Sally McCoy, CamelBak CEO & President, Georgena Terry, Terry Precision Cycling Founder, and Penina Bush, Senior Manager, Shimano American Corporation.

    OIWC recognizes that women leaders and a diversified workforce are good for business. OIWC’s Pioneering Women and First Ascent Awards celebrate the visible impact of the advancement of women both inside and outside the companies where they work.

    Criteria for nominations include:

    • The Pioneering Women Award recognizes a “maven of mentoring,” someone who has furthered the vision of the OIWC by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to mentoring female colleagues. A Pioneering Award winner is a woman who has paved the way for her team, other women in her company, and set an example for the entire industry.
    • The First Ascent Award recognizes a woman new to the industry who demonstrates strong potential for leadership, and furthers the vision of OIWC by increasing visibility of talented young women at lower levels in an organization, thereby facilitating their leadership development on their journey to future leadership.

    Nominations must be completed and submitted to the OIWC website at by August 5, 2013.

    Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition

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