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    Video: Hang Glider Crashes Head-first into Paraglider, No Injuries

    Aerial enthusiasts above Beechmont, Australia witnessed a frightening display as a hang glider and paraglider collided in mid-air and then became entangled before crashing to the ground. Looking at the video below, it is amazing to discover that pilots were not injured in the fall.

    It appears that at the very last second the male hang glider pilot managed to open one of his parachutes, slowing down their fall. Along with the female paraglider pilot, he landed in a very precarious place, and not one that rescue personnel could reach easily. According to the Courier Mail, the two became entangled in trees on the side of a steep cliff face.

    “It was heavily wooded scrub with razor-sharp vines and they were hanging about 20m up in the canopy,” said firefighter Mark Gribble.

    For their part, the crashed pilots were calm and helpful throughout the rescue. Along with assistance from paragliders still in the air, the firefighters managed to scale the cliff face with rope and bring the unlucky pair down safely. Remarkably, they appeared to have suffered no injuries.

    Image screenshot of video by Matthew Tillson on YouTube

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