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    Video: The Spray-on Liquid Repellent

    Imagine an invisible shield that not only blocks but repels water, oil, mud, and all manner of other liquids that could potentially ruin your day. Now imagine this product coming in the form of an aerosol spray can. NeverWet claims that their new super hydrophobic coating can do exactly that. In fact, watching chocolate syrup bead on T-shirts or mud slip effortlessly off work boots can be a bizarre experience.

    “You spray a base, give about 15 minutes to dry and then you spray a topcoat,” instructed NeverWet President Andy Jones. “After another 15 minutes or so it’s good to go.”

    Sure enough, in a video demonstration the NeverWet team douses a number of items in syrup, soda, and vinegar. Even on soft cotton the liquids bounce off the protective shield, leaving no trace. The uses for a technology like this could be endless in outdoors, industrial, or even military applications–imagine never having to worry about getting soaked after a sudden downpour on a backwoods hike.

    This is one product that has to be seen to be believed. Below is the NeverWet trailer:

    And a NeverWet demonstration:

    In partnership with Rust-Oleum, NeverWet is now available in stores with a suggested retail price of $19.99 for both base and top layer spray canisters.

    Image screenshot of video by RustOleumBrands on YouTube

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