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    MIPS Announces Changes in Management

    MIPS today announced that it has appointed Johan Thiel as CEO. Johan has been with MIPS for four years and has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of MIPS’ operations. Johan came to MIPS with an entrepreneurial background in consulting, focusing on business development and sales & marketing in industries such as media, IT and sports/outdoor.

    Further, Sven Sandahl has been hired as Senior Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Sven brings a wealth of experience and a solid network in the outdoor and sports equipment industry. Most recently, Sven comes from a long career with Recco, the avalanche detection system which sells its safety systems to outdoor and sports equipment brands worldwide.

    Bengt Baron, chairman of MIPS, comments; “We are very pleased that Johan has accepted the role as CEO of MIPS. He is very hard working and knowledgeable and has over the years assumed more and more responsibilities within MIPS. The board is also excited that it has been able to attract Sven to MIPS. There are many similarities between MIPS and Recco when it comes to the customer base and business model. Sven has a well-documented track record of growing sales and a very impressive network in relevant areas for MIPS. Niklas Steenberg, who will continue as an advisor to MIPS, has done an excellent job in establishing MIPS as a technology leader and making the MIPS-brand well recognized. We thank Niklas for his efforts as CEO of MIPS.”

    Johan Thiel comments: “I am happy to accept the role as CEO of MIPS and I aim to continue building awareness and attract further customers to MIPS. We have a unique opportunity to build MIPS into a significant company over the next years and the protection against rotational energy is high on the agenda for helmet manufacturers, associated organizations and regulatory bodies. The MIPS team and I are certain that we have a technology with a natural place in the helmets of tomorrow.”

    Sven Sandahl says: “I look forward to further commercializing the potential of MIPS in order to grow volumes with existing and new partners. There is, without a doubt, a great need for improved helmet safety and the MIPS Brain Protection System is quickly establishing itself as the new standard in advanced helmet safety and it is uniquely positioned to become a supplier to virtually every helmet brand, regardless of segment. It is our mission to work closely together with helmet brands in order to provide consumers with safer helmets.”

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