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    The $3 Million Recreational Camper

    It’s cheaper than say, a fully-decked luxury yacht or top-of-the-line jet, but the Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is still more expensive than the average house. The vehicle itself looks like a spaceship from the future and can achieve top speeds of 90 mph. In addition to the latest in entertainment technology, the Palazzo boasts granite counters, a posh master bedroom and lounge, bar, and even a terrace that can be reached by an interior staircase. Perhaps strangest of all, the RV has a pop-out function that increases floor space to accommodate more guests. Yes, it sounds exactly like what its name suggests, a moving palace.

    So how much does it cost to roll around the countryside in guilt-nearing levels of decadent luxury? According to Fox News, the Palazzo retails for a crisp $3 million.

    A video tour of the vehicle can be seen below:

    Image screenshot of video by geobeats on YouTube

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