Video: BASE Jump Goes Wrong, Saved by Open Window

    Austrian BASE jumper Maria Steinmayr, 22, was participating in the BASE Jump Extreme World Championships on June 7 when she launched off the roof of the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain. From a height of 525 feet above ground, Steinmayr’s parachute malfunctioned and she started spinning out of control, slamming her against the side of the building.

    According to the New York Daily News, Steinmayr was hurtling towards ground at 62 mph during her fall. She was slowed down only by the tangled mess of her opened chute and collisions against the hotel. Thankfully her descent was stopped when Steinmayr managed to steer herself through a balcony and into an open window on the 10th floor. For perspective, the Gran Hotel Bali is considered the tallest hotel in Europe and one of the continent’s largest skyscrapers. Steinmayr jumped from near the very top of the hotel, which holds 52 floors. She narrowly escaped a potentially lethal impact only after having traversing the majority of the building’s height. With just around 100 feet separating her from pavement and spectators, Steinmayr ducked back inside the building.

    Whoever opened that window on the 10th floor certainly got a bit more than a draft.

    Reportedly Steinmayr only suffered minor injuries and a broken nose as a result of the fall. She is no longer participating in the BASE jump competition.

    Image screenshot of video by bizitoto on YouTube

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