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    ParksByNature Network and American Hiking Society Join Forces to Enhance the Hiking Experience

    American Hiking Society (AHS) is proud to announce a new partnership with ParksByNature Network (PBN), developer of the Official Pocket Ranger mobile apps. In its new role as a sponsor of American Hiking Society, PBN joins other leading outdoor industry companies in supporting AHS’ efforts to promote and protect America’s hiking trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.

    The partnership is an excellent fit, because American Hiking Society and ParksByNature Network share the common goals of protecting America’s wilderness areas and enhancing visitor experiences to these vital natural resources through education and technological innovation. Both organizations also work closely with many of the state parks systems and fish and wildlife agencies across the country.

    “We believe that PBN’s free Official Pocket Ranger apps can significantly enrich the outdoor experience of hikers by providing them an enhanced ability to track and record trails, mark specific points along the way, and view time elapsed and distance traveled,” commented Gregory Miller, President of AHS. “Having the means to access cached park maps and trail information through the apps, even without cell phone reception, will help improve hiker navigation and safety.”

    “We are happy to launch this important new partnership just in time for American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day on June 1. Our Pocket Ranger technology, which includes advanced GPS mapping features, allows users to record their adventures and provides a means to share their achievements with other members and outdoor enthusiasts,” stated Brett Melillo, Program and Development Director at ParksByNature Network. “National Trails Day participants all over the country will be able to access a new community portal for sharing their recorded tracks and photos taken through the Pocket Ranger apps. This exciting new digital platform will showcase hiker accomplishments and build a stronger sense of community for hikers.”

    Twenty six Pocket Ranger apps are currently available and are compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. Potential users can check the Pocket Ranger webpage to download the free apps, join the Pocket Ranger community, and participate in exciting GeoChallenges.

    Logo courtesy American Hiking Society

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