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    Myrtle Beach Offers New “Jetpack” Attraction

    Visitors to South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach might be surprised to see a new hot spot on the beach, or perhaps gaze in wonderment as jetpacks propel riders up to 30 feet in the air. These water-powered “jetpacks,” according to WMBF, are now under consideration by the Beach Advisory Committee to see if they match city guidelines. In truth, they are not exactly sure how to classify the new devices, or whether there should be things like air safety zones.

    “It is one of the safest things I think I’ve ever done in my life,” said Jetpack Adventures part-owner Shane Bull. “And you have a certified flight instructor.”

    The contraption includes a small boat, 33-foot hose and lightweight jetpack with adjustable thrusters. It works by utilizing a 200-horsepower marine engine inside the boat to pump water up through the tube at over 1,000 gallons per minute. This generates over 420 pounds of thrust from the jetpack, leaving you with two powerful waterguns. A major selling-point of the jetpack is its surprising maneuverability, allowing riders to easily dive below water of fly above the surface.

    You can view an advertisement of Jetpack Adventures below:

    Image screenshot of video by Josh Coate on YouTube

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