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    Metolius Continues to Support Climbing Organizations in 2013

    Metolius continues its support of important core organizations in the climbing community in 2013. The continuation of this support reflects Metolius’ commitment to environmental stewardship, education, safety, and the accessibility of climbing. Each one of these organizations provides valuable resources to the greater climbing community and Metolius is proud to support them.

    “Metolius has supported environmental, community and education-focused organizations for many years,” said Brooke Sandahl, Vice President of Metolius. “The services and resources that these five organizations provide for the climbing community make us proud to continue our partnerships in 2013.”

    Metolius 2013 Partnerships:

    Access Fund – Metolius believes in the core mission of the Access Fund: to keep U.S. climbing areas open, and to conserve the climbing environment. Metolius has been a corporate partner of the Access Fund since its founding in 1991. Contact: Leici Hendrix: [email protected] 

    Climbers Access Society Of British Columbia – The Access Society was founded in 1995 to support the public access to the cliffs and mountains of B.C. The organization has worked to preserve numerous areas from development, helped to create regional management of climbing areas, and helped act as a mediator between the government organizations and climbers. Peter Winter: [email protected]

    AMGA – For over 30 years AMGA has been the leading guide certification service in the USA.  The organization has been dedicated to supporting excellence in the guide community through education, and high standards for certifications.  Because of these high standards, and high levels of professionalism, many beginner climbers and mountaineers have been able to pursue otherwise unattainable goals. Metolius supports this commitment to professionalism, and the goal of making the alpine world accessible to beginner and intermediate climbers.  Betsy Novak: [email protected] 

    AAC – The American Alpine Club is an organization that provides advocacy, logistical support, grants, and conservation for the climbing community. The AAC is one of the premier climbing and mountaineering advocacy groups in the world. Metolius is proud to be involved with such a venerable organization. Sarah Wood: [email protected]

    ASCA – Metolius has been involved with the American Safe Climbing Association from its inception in 2000. Its mission is to educate the climbing community about safe climbing practices, and to replace many of the deteriorating fixed anchors on classic American climbs.  With safety at the core of our product design, Metolius believes in, and values, safe climbing practices. Greg Barnes: [email protected]

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