Video: Skydiver with Scuba Gear Plunges into Water

    Most people would have to choose between skydiving and scuba diving, but these filmmakers thought to themselves “why not do both?”

    The team consisted of Gulliver Page, Peter Mether, and Matt Hodges. The three managed to get their hands on a helicopter, some scuba gear, diving equipment, and a few parachutes. With that, Page jumped near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and spent the rest of the day exploring the aquatic wonderland. Although the filmmakers do their best to make the jump seem casual, these kind of jumps can be anything but. Like all other skydiving excursions, careful preparation is a must. After all, water isn’t soft.

    Reportedly the U.S. Navy SEALs still make training maneuvers similar to this, although I doubt their videos are recorded with a soundtrack by Fiona Franklin.

    Image screenshot of video by ExploreTNQ on YouTube

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