The Recon Jet: HUD Optics for Action Sports

    While Google’s much anticipated Glass is still producing a buzz in the tech world, Recon Instruments recently introduced a stealthy new rival in the form of the Recon Jet. The Recon Jet, much like Google Glass, is a wearable computer that offers a heads-up-display (HUD). Unlike Glass, the Recon Jet can be fixed to a precision designed pair of sunglasses and is meant specifically for an active lifestyle.

    The device is powered by a dual-core processor that runs a version of the Android operating system. Due to it being designed for more rugged wear and tear, the Recon Jet is a solid one-piece device that functions in rain, snow, sleet, and sun while still weighing just over two ounces. Users will find a host of features that are common among mobile devices, including the ability to use apps, an HD camera, GPS, and WiFi. The Recon Jet is reported to contain a comprehensive suite of on-board sensors, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, and altimeters along with real-time maps and calling capability. The technology will be similar to Recon Instrument’s current products, which provide HUDs for snowboarders and skiers in the form of an advanced alpine goggle.

    A preview of the Recon Jet can be seen below:

    Image screenshot of video by ReconInstruments on YouTube

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