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    Antero Boat Ramp Opens May 6 in Colorado

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife will open the North Boat Ramp at Antero on Monday, May 6 to boaters. Aquatic Nuisance Species inspectors will be on the ramps beginning 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset, 7 days a week. The south ramp will remain closed until inspectors can be hired and trained to staff the ramp.

    All trailered or motorized watercraft must go through an aquatic nuisance species inspection prior to launching. Watercraft must be clean, drained and dry prior to launching. It is recommended that boaters travel overland with their bilge plug out to aid in the draining and drying of their watercraft. Upon exiting Antero, boaters will receive an exit inspection and a green seal and receipt. The green seal and receipt greatly speeds up the inspection next time they launch. All ballast boats are required to have a green seal in between each launch or they will be required to be decontaminated.

    With the discovery of zebra and quagga mussels in several western states, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials ask boaters to help protect our public waters from all aquatic nuisance species. These organisms are non-native, invasive species that spread very rapidly, causing irreversible harm to the fisheries and costly damage to man-made water delivery systems. We ask all boaters to help prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species by always inspecting and removing any plants, animals, mud or water and by cleaning, draining and drying your vessel between each and every uses.

    Logo courtesy Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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