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    Kelty and Wenzel Announce Partnership with SM Group (Europe) for Brand Distribution in the UK and Ireland

    Kelty and Wenzel, two well-known, well-loved US outdoor brands will be distributed in the UK and Ireland through SM Group (Europe) LTD., effective immediately.  This partnership represents a significant step forward for Kelty and Wenzel sales and brand distribution within the European market.

    Extremely popular throughout the US, both Kelty and Wenzel are anticipated to appeal to a European marketplace eager for outdoor equipment designed for a wide range of activities.  Highly experienced with a deep understanding of the UK market, the Plymouth, England-based SM Group will be instrumental to the success of both brands.

    “Backed by 40 years’ of experience distributing a wide variety of outdoor gear in the UK and Irish marketplaces, SM Group will be a perfect partner for our highly popular Kelty and Wenzel brands,” said Juan Lopez, International Sales Director for Kelty and Wenzel.  “We’re anticipating a very successful and long-lasting relationship.”

    SM Group distributes a blend of outdoor and electronics brands throughout the UK and is looking forward to the partnership.  The Kelty and Wenzel brands complement one another, offering essential equipment for hiking, backpacking, travel, and family camping for a wide range of budgets.

    Commenting on the new distribution agreement, SM Group’s Managing Director, Chris Northmore said, “We are very pleased to add Kelty and Wenzel to our brand portfolio. Kelty is a very technical, well known and respected brand in the US while Wenzel is a very accessible brand for campers on a budget.  We are looking forward to establishing both brands in the UK outdoor market.”

    Logo courtesy SM Group (Europe)

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