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    Is Jet Surfing the Next Great Water Sport?

    JetSurf has been experimenting with motorized surfboards since the company was founded in 2008. Their key product is an unique mixture of surfing and rocket science that professional athletes have been recently taking to the waves. The company’s developers combined their skills in combustion engines, hydro-mechanics and a love of surfing into the JetSurf power board, which is essentially a surfboard with a two-stroke engine mounted on it. The technology is not to be underestimated though. With adjustable controls and a top speed of 35mph, the JetSurf board is sure to get some attention.

    “As soon as I got on it, I felt the power,” said big wave surfer Kai Lenny. “It’s unbelievable.”

    “My first impression is it’s crazy where surfing’s going,” professional wave hunter Jamie O’Brien told the camera. “You don’t even need a wave to surf anymore, and you don’t need to paddle.”

    The boards will consume gasoline with an estimated fuel economy of 2 liters/hour. Price ranges vary, you can learn more on JetSurf’s website. This is not the first time that a jet-propelled or motorized surfboard has surfaced, the technology have been explored sporadically over the past few decades.


    Image screenshot of video by XTreme Video on YouTube

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