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    Adventure Technology Launches Innovative and Accessible Sport Paddle Category

    Adventure Technology (AT), known for its leadership in ergonomic paddle design, today launches the innovative and accessible Sport line of paddles, which rounds out their comprehensive touring collection, including the popular Elite and Advanced categories.

    The Sport line includes the all-new Pursuit and Search paddles, which offer touring enthusiasts innovative AT technologies at a great value. The Pursuit is a versatile paddle that can handle light touring and recreational paddling. Its medium-sized blade is small enough to efficiently guide a sit-in touring boat yet powerful enough to propel a heavier sit-on-top, and the design also allows for a variety of paddling styles, from casual to aggressive. The Search is a more targeted paddle, aimed at performance touring and designed for aggressive, high-angle paddling, making it perfect for more advanced trips and tight-terrain fishing.

    Both of these paddles offer accessibility for beginners or weekend warriors at a competitive price point without sacrificing performance. They are also an ideal option for families, as the AT ferrule system allows for length adjustment to share the paddle between kids and adults or to just allow little paddlers to keep the same gear as he/she grows.

    “At its core, Adventure Technology is a brand that strives to get people out on the water safely, comfortably, and with a paddle that will allow them to enjoy their time on the water, no matter what type of paddler they are or what kind of adventure they want to go on,” said Hastings Blumer, Product Manager for AT paddles. “This ‘Sport’ category of paddles, and particularly the Pursuit and Search, ensure that can happen. These two paddles allow beginners, families, and those with more limited water time to have high-performance gear without a huge price commitment. We are proud to complete the full range of our touring line with this category and excited to get these paddles launched to those who we know will enjoy them.”

    Pursuit and Search fiberglass versions are available now. Carbon models will be ready for purchase late summer 2013.

    Adventure Technology Pursuit: The Pursuit features two models, the Glass and Carbon. The Glass option has fiberglass reinforced nylon blades and the Carbon model features blades made from carbon reinforced nylon, both with a carbon-blend shaft. Ideal for low angle paddling, the Pursuit features AT’s signature soft dihedral blade that provides the perfect combination of performance and versatility. Available in AT’s signature ergonomic shaft with Full Control Grip or classic straight shaft. Available lengths (cm): 210, 220, 230, 240. MSRP: $125, straight shaft; $190, ergo (glass); $165, straight shaft; $230, ergo (carbon).

    Adventure Technology Search: The Search offers a carbon-blend shaft and high angle style blades made of fiberglass or carbon reinforced nylon blades, depending on which model you choose. It is designed with less dihedral for added efficiency, which is ideal for all-around touring, tight-terrain fishing, and well-conditioned paddlers. Available in AT’s signature ergonomic shaft with Full Control Grip or classic straight shaft. Available lengths (cm): 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235*, 240* (*straight shaft only).MSRP: $125, straight shaft; $190, ergo (glass); $165, straight shaft; $230, ergo (carbon).

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