DeLorme Launches Next Generation of Its Communicator with GPS

    inReach SE with Color Screen and Virtual Keyboard Offers Expanded Standalone Text Messaging Capabilities, Adjustable Tracking Intervals, Pairs with Popular Mobile Devices

    DeLorme, the innovation leader in personal satellite communications and navigation technology, has announced the launch of its newest product inReach SE (Screen Edition). With 90% of the world’s surface lacking cell phone coverage, inReach SE is essential gear for the traveler or outdoor adventurer to keep them connected and safe anywhere in the world. inReach SE remains the only satellite communication device that can both send and receive text messages in its price category.

    The newest generation of inReach builds on DeLorme’s award-winning technology to keep outdoor adventurers, boaters, aviators and travelers connected when off the grid or in parts of the world where cellular communications are limited. With the expanded standalone capabilities of inReach SE, users benefit from a color screen, virtual keyboard, slim design and a long-lasting internal lithium battery. In standalone mode, inReach SE provides free-form texting capabilities of up to 160 characters to any cell phone number, email address or social media page.

    Using DeLorme’s Earthmate App (, inReach SE pairs wirelessly with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to access topographic maps and NOAA charts and to make text messaging even more convenient. inReach SE is also compatible with Android devices.

    With the ability to maintain satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments, inReach SE also offers global SOS capabilities, adjustable tracking intervals from 10 minutes to four hours, and remote real-time follow-me/find-me tracking and ping-me locating. In the event of an emergency, the interactive SOS capability of inReach automatically triggers remote tracking and allows users to describe and update their situation so proper resources can be deployed.

    “Whether you’re deep in the backwoods, floating on a remote lake, or simply travelling abroad, anyone can benefit from the comprehensive functionality of inReach SE,” said Michael Heffron, DeLorme CEO. “Over the last two years we have been listening to customer feedback, so the next generation of inReach includes many new features based on their input. The internal rechargeable battery and the on-screen, free-form texting are especially beneficial, making on-the-go communications more convenient and delivering peace of mind to family and friends easier than ever before.”

    inReach operates over the Iridium satellite network, providing truly global two-way satellite communications, high network reliability and low-latency data links (less than 60 second delivery of messages end-to-end) anywhere on Earth, with no gaps, fringe or weak signal areas.

    The follow me / find me tracking feature of inReach provides GPS position updates allowing family and friends to follow the user’s trip as it happens. Family and friends can log into a dedicated MapShare page to follow a detailed breadcrumb trail, ping a location, and send messages to the inReach owner. In the event of an emergency, the built-in SOS button can be activated to trigger a distress alert with delivery confirmation and it automatically activates the remote GPS tracking feature. GPS tracking assists search-and-rescue personnel with homing in on the user’s location, whether stationary or on the move.

    Pairing the inReach SE via Bluetooth with the Earthmate App turns a mobile device into a global satellite communicator and navigation tool. Real-time GPS location, tracking and text messages are overlaid on the digital maps for easy navigation and position location. inReach owners get exclusive, unlimited access to DeLorme’s topographic maps and North American NOAA charts, which can be downloaded via an Internet connection prior to departure and remain available in the Earthmate App even when outside cellular coverage.

    Suggested retail price for inReach SE is $299, with annual satellite subscriptions beginning at $9.95 per month. Four-month seasonal and special aviation plans with more frequent tracking intervals are also available.

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