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    Torqeedo Names Brownie’s an Authorized Service Center

    Brownie’s Marine Group has joined forces with Torqeedo and is now an authorized service center for owners of the Torqeedo Ultralight, Travel and Cruise series of electric outboard motors. Technicians at Brownie’s Ft. Lauderdale, Florida facility have already completed intensive service training sessions and are fully authorized to provide both warranty repair and traditional services.

    “Working with Brownie’s is a significant opportunity to help our dealers and owners with service and product support,” said Steve Trkla, head of Torqeedo’s North America division. “Not only do we gain a stronger support network, but we also have the ability to integrate our product line with Brownie’s innovative developments.”

    Brownie’s patent-pending line of VS dive systems are now coming to market with the ability to tap into the incredible technology found in Torqeedo’s Power 26-104 lithium battery system. Now Torqeedo motor and battery owners can easily adapt a Brownie VS system to their onboard power source.

    “This is just the tip of many great things to come of this technology and our strategic partnership with Torqeedo,” commented William Mee, chief engineer on the VS project at Brownie’s Marine Group.

    Brownie’s Marine Group, with its more than 40 year history, is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of surface supplied air diving

    systems and fully automated SCUBA compressor systems. It’s also a leading resource for integrating the right dive equipment solutions for any task, big or small.

    Torqeedo’s high-tech outboards combine lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design. They offer unrivalled strength and reliability for superior primary propulsion. Environmentally-sound and truly innovative, these electric outboards have many applications.

    Logo courtesy Torqeedo

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