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    Georgia DNR Selects 2012 Boating Officer of the Year

    Search and rescue, boating safety enforcement, and boating safety education are just some of the responsibilities of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division boating officers. Cpl. Shawn Elmore recently was selected as the 2012 Georgia Boating Officer of the Year for his outstanding performance as a boating safety officer.

    “The work that Cpl. Elmore has done in the area of boating law enforcement, and especially in leading boating incident investigations, is a great example for all of our conservation rangers,” says Col. Eddie Henderson, chief of law enforcement. “He shows great attention and care to detail and works diligently to further the boating safety message to the public.”

    In addition to his regular duties as a conservation ranger, Elmore is part of the Critical Incident Reconstruction Team.  As part of that assignment, he was placed in charge of the largest investigation occurring on Georgia waters last year.  The investigation centered on a tragic case on Lake Lanier that resulted in the loss of two young lives after their family pontoon was struck by another vessel. This case would take him several hours from his “home” base office and area of work and involved more than 230 hours of work to reconstruct and document. His expertise, training and experience in the field of boating safety were instrumental in the development of the reports on this case.

    Other boating safety-related activities by Elmore this past year included a concentrated effort to enforce and educate the public on the Etowah River about personal floatation device usage and requirements, teaching boating incident investigation to recruits at the Conservation Ranger Academy, presenting at boating information and education events, and designing and implementing the drowning investigation course taught at the Academy.

    Elmore will receive recognition from the Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association this spring, and will be a candidate for further honors from SSBLAA. He also is eligible for the Butch Potts “Boating Law Enforcement of the Year” honor from the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

    Other rangers nominated for the award by supervisors for outstanding work in 2012 include:  Cpl. Eric Sanders, Cpl. Brian Hobbins, Cpl. Josh Copelan, Ranger 1st Class Jon Penuel, Cpl. Chase Altman and Ranger 1st Class David Brady.

    Logo courtesy Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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