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    Iowa Boat Registrations Due April 30

    The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released its plan looking at the future of outdoor recreation in Iowa.

    The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan was developed through a series of meetings across the state last fall asking Iowans what recreation activities they would like to participate in, what amenities or conveniences would help them participate more often and what should the state focus on when it comes to outdoor recreation.

    The plan, which is a partnership with the County Conservation Boards and Cities, will serve as a guide for future projects developed by the Iowa DNR.

    The plan will be available for public comment through April 15 at www.iowadnr.gov/InsideDNR/GrantsOtherFunding/StateConservationRecPlan.aspx

    The DNR will review the public comments and submit a final plan to the National Park Service in 2013.

    Logo courtesy Iowa Department of Natural Resources

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