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    Wilderness Systems 2013 Angler Pro Staff Expands to Support Business Growth

    This year’s team continues to build on brand’s leadership in sport

    To support the continued explosive growth in kayak angling and related boat sales, Wilderness Systems has expanded its fishing Pro Staff from fifteen to thirty-three anglers and added their first international angler for 2013. Returning to the team this year are world-class kayak anglers Captain Jason Stock, Captain Dean Thomas, and Pro Staff director, Chad Hoover. Known for their passion and in-depth knowledge of kayak angling, the pro staff are key contributors to boat design and will continue to represent the brand in multiple tournaments, assist in retail trainings, and contribute to marketing efforts to help further Wilderness Systems’ investment in this growing and thriving sport.

    “Our Pro Staff members are not only fierce competitors, they’re dedicated anglers and tremendous goodwill ambassadors for the sport,” said Wilderness Systems marketing manager Tracy Waldroup. “They’re a diverse group with a wide range of experience, but they all have one thing in common: they enjoy sharing their love of kayak fishing with everyone.”

    Committed to continual research and testing to create the best possible products for kayak anglers, Wilderness Systems will continue to collaborate with the Pro Staff to provide design insights and test new product innovations.

    “As committed kayak anglers, we are out on the water as much as possible, and it’s exciting to bring our insights, feedback and experiences back to a design team that is receptive and eager to incorporate these ideas to make Wilderness Systems products the best possible gear for our sport,” said Chad Hoover, Wilderness Systems Pro Staff director. “Being a part of the brand’s Pro Staff affords us the unique and rewarding opportunity to see our contributions come to life in a way that opens doors for new participants and fosters growth in the kayak fishing community. I’m excited to work with this year’s highly talented Pro Staff to continue pushing the limits of our sport and furthering the work of the Wilderness Systems brand.”

    Here is the roster for the 2013 Wilderness Systems Pro Staff:

    • Chad Hoover
    • Steve Garcia
    • CJ Siebler
    • Bobby Clark
    • Tommy Samuels
    • Rob Knoles
    • Jennifer Thomas
    • Jeff Little
    • Jay Brooks
    • Chris Gorsuch
    • George Stevens
    • Bill Sikora
    • Wade Nichols
    • Manny Torres
    • Dave Easton
    • Alejandro Perez Arteaga
    • Jeff Suber
    • Chris Fierro
    • Chris LeMessurier
    • Aaron Dryden
    • Adam Harbuck
    • Michael Ortiz
    • Robert Vaughn
    • Todd Llewellyn
    • Dean Thomas
    • Joe Poole
    • Erick Bell
    • Jason Stock
    • Steve Garcia
    • Chad Muller
    • Juan Veruete
    • Bill Schultz
    • Ashley Williams

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