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    New Zealand Swimmers Make Human Chain to Save Drowning Boy

    New Zealand’s waters are beginning to look a bit treacherous with all the news coming from the island nation lately, especially with the fatal shark attack late last month. This story however, is one of heroism instead of tragedy. According to The Telegraph, 12-year-old Joshua McQuoid was on the sands of Napier’s Marine Parade beach when a rush of water carried him out towards the ocean.

    The strong waves made it impossible for the boy to swim back to shore. McQuoid tried to keep his head afloat but spent intervals as long as 20 seconds underwater. A German vacationer saw him floundering and quickly paddled in to help, but also found it difficult to swim back. One of McQuoid’s friends sounded the alarm and in an astounding display of solidarity, more than a dozen visitors and police officers linked hands to drag the two to safety. When McQuoid was on the beach several swimmers administered emergency first aid.

    The boy was taken to a nearby hospital and released shortly afterwards. He did not suffer any serious injuries but remained both shaken and awed by the experience.

    “The waves smashed me so much,” McQouid told One News. “There were five really big ones, they flipped me around quite a few times, I was underwater.” He went on to thank the strangers who rescued him.

    You can watch video of the rescue below:


    The aftermath:


    Image screenshot of video by HotViralNews on youtube

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