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    North Carolina Big Flatty Boating Access Area Renovations Complete

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has completed renovations to the Big Flatty Boating Access Area, and it is now open to the public.

    The refurbished site, on Big Flatty Creek in Pasquotank County, includes a new ramp, 8-foot by 40-foot floating dock, improved signage and parking, and shoreline stabilization.

    Big Flatty Creek has a variety of fish for anglers to hook, including white perch and black crappie. A 2011 Wildlife Commission survey found good populations of largemouth bass and bluegill, but anglers can also expect to find saltwater species occasionally.

    “Because it is so close to Albemarle Sound, saltwater species such as southern flounder, croaker, black drum and blue crabs can also be found in the creek from time to time,” said Jeremy McCargo, a fisheries biologist with the Commission. “In addition, the close proximity of Big Flatty Creek access area to Albemarle Sound can provide anglers quick access to good fishing areas for striped bass throughout the sound.”

    Because Big Flatty Creek is shallow, boaters should use caution and watch for shallow sandbars extending from the shoreline as well as submerged stumps and logs.

    Renovations of the site were funded through motorboat registration receipts

    Logo courtesy North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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