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    23-month-old Girl Hits the Slopes on Her Snowboard

    Eden Grace Covaciu may only be 23 months old, but she is already hitting the slopes on her snowboard.

    Children are starting sports and other activities younger and younger all the time, but this toddler is taking it to a new extreme. Covaciu has been going on snowboarding runs with her parents since she was just six weeks old.

    Eden Covaciu’s mother, Sharon, told ABC 7, “We wake up at 5:30 and get her out of bed and as soon as we mention snow she’s all excited about it and she knows we’re going to the mountains.”

    Sharon sent the video below to NBC, saying, “With the new snow load hitting the Cascades, I thought this would be a fun story to share.”


    Image and video courtesy CNBC News 24

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