Page Valley, Virginia, Becoming Shenandoah Valley’s Cycling Hub

    The legendary beauty and historical significance of the Shenandoah Valley has long been celebrated. In recent years, the rolling hills and scenic byways of Luray and Page County, Virginia, have also emerged as a hub for cycling.

    Chris Gould with Page Valley Cycling will host four events in 2013, the sixth year of PVC’s efforts to promote bicycle races in Page County. The economic impact on the community grows each year, with racers and their families expected to spend as much as $100 thousand on food, merchandise, and lodging this year – up from $80 thousand in 2012, $56 thousand in 2010, and $40 thousand in 2009.

    “By staging first-class races throughout the county, we are bringing to our area an increasing number of participants annually who represent an important and potentially lucrative demographic to the county’s tourist economy,” says Gould, a Page County weekender, who also owns Hawksbill Bicycles in Luray..

    Gould includes handcrafted trophies made by local artists, and features local products as prizes. “Our events are uniquely Page County and designed with a sense of pride in our location between the Blue Ridge and Massanutten. Each year, our post-race survey data shows that this local touch keeps the bike racers coming back, not only for our event, but also to enjoy the natural beauty of Page Valley throughout the year. But that’s not all – we believe our events draw attention locally to the importance of physical fitness, provide entertainment, and expose new people to the great sport of competitive cycling.”

    David Glover, organizer of the Luray Triathlon, has a similar story. Now in its eighth year, the Luray Triathlon has grown from a one-day event with 400 athletes to become a fixture on many athletes’ race schedules, with more than 1,400 athletes signing up for the two-day event – Luray International Triathlon August 17 and Luray Sprint Triathlon August 18.

    “Each year, we also have nearly 100 athletes racing both days as part of the Hooray for Luray Double Challenge, where participants earn a unique, hand-engraved glass award. In a survey of last year’s participants, 99.5% said they would recommend the race to a friend. Why is the race so popular? The clean lake and beautiful venue of Lake Arrowhead Park; a challenging, scenic course; and a welcoming, supporting community make this race special,” Glover states.

    Other events in the immediate area include two cycling competitions at nearby Massanutten Resort, the YEE-HA! Downhill Race April 27 to 28, and the HOO-HA! Cross Country Race June 8 to 9.

    A list of upcoming cycling events follows. For information on lodging, dining and other activities, see

    2013 Page County, VA Cycling Events

    Tour of Page County Stage Race

    April 27-28, Luray High School/Luray Caverns/Main Street Luray

    Contact Chris Gould, Page Valley Cycling:  [email protected]

    Massanutten YEE-HA! Downhill Race

    April 27-28, Massanutten Resort

    Contact 800-207-6277 or [email protected]

    Massanutten HOO-HA! Cross Country Race

    June 8-9, Massanutten Resort

    Contact 800-207-6277 or [email protected]

    Shenandoah Time Trial

    July 27, Shenandoah, VA

    Contact Chris Gould, Page Valley Cycling:  [email protected]

    Page Valley Road Race

    August 3, Stanley

    Contact Chris Gould, Page Valley Cycling:  [email protected]

    Luray Triathlons Pre-race Clinic

    August 10, Lake Arrowhead, Luray

    Contact David Glover, Enduranceworks: [email protected]

    Luray Triathlons

    August 17 – 18, Lake Arrowhead, Luray

    Contact David Glover, Enduranceworks: [email protected]

    Luray Caverns CX

    November 24, Luray Caverns

    Contact Chris Gould, Page Valley Cycling:  [email protected]

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