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    Video Released of Boy Who Fell Four Stories from Ski Lift

    A young skier plunged 45 feet from a New Mexico ski lift and onto a tough patch of rock and snow this week. The incident was caught on video and the boy could be clearly seen struggling to pull himself up from the side of the chairlift before his strength gave out. According to the Daily Mail, the boy was transported to a nearby hospital and received surgery for a collapsed lung, liver laceration and fractured skull.

    A friend later said that the victim might have not had the security bar down.

    Experts say that in the event of a life-endangering fall, the best thing to do is to bend your knees and try to land on your feet, and then extend your legs after impact. It will let you jump up and decrease damage to the legs. This should protect the vital organs in the center of the body and head, which are usually the cause of fatal accidents.

    WARNING: The video below contains some graphic content and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


    Image screenshot of video by TriipyHD on youtube

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