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    New MaxxAir Fan Cover Specifically Designed for High-Powered Fans

    RVers can have ventilation in all weather conditions with MaxxAir’s Fan/Mate. Built to completely enclose high-speed ceiling fans, Fan/Mate allows a vent to remain open or fan to run despite rainy weather. This fan cover’s louvers with protective galvanized screen provide superior rain protection.

    The louvers are positioned to provide added protection from wind-driven rain and to enhance airflow. Hinged opening mounting brackets enable easy cleaning and servicing of the fan.

    Fan/Mate is constructed of high-strength polyethylene with UV inhibitors. It is designed for years of service and simple to install.

    Measuring 32.5″ L x 20.5″ W x 9.93″ H, Fan/Mate is offered in white or black to better customize an RV. Available in two models, the 850 and 950 feature a 20% larger vent area than previous versions for better fan performance.

    MaxxAir’s Fan/Mate comes with a three-year limited warranty. It has a starting price of $79.95.

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