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    Video: Woman Wakeboards with a Pod of Dolphins

    A wakeboarder in the Gulf of Mexico had some unexpected companions when a group of dolphins decided to join her. According to the video, her guests appeared to be bottlenose dolphins, which are common in warm waters such as the Gulf. Bottlenose dolphins roam in pods of around 10-30 individuals and are often seen swimming alongside ships or surfers. The animals display a friendly curiosity towards humans and are largely responsible for the benign perception of dolphins in popular culture. They have also been known to save divers or ward off sharks from stranded swimmers.

    Interestingly enough, dolphins are one of the few marine animals enlisted by the United States Navy. They are able to safely locate and identify old underwater mines for removal, so those rumors of war dolphins do have a hint of truth to them. No word yet on the legitimacy of the SEAL-trained seal.

    The woman in the video seemed to be very excited about traveling in a dolphin convoy. Plus as a bonus, free personal shark repellent.


    Image screenshot of video by juliasmith12341 on youtube

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