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    Video: Diver Swallowed by Underwater “Vortex”

    Scuba diver John Hoover was exploring the reef around Nakalele Point in Maui when he got caught in an underwater movement resembling a vacuum. Divers occasionally experience fierce currents, especially near areas prone to rip tide.

    Rip tide, or more accurately known as rip currents, are strong channels of water that could catch swimmers and draw them out to sea. This phenomenon causes nearly 100 deaths in the United States annually and are the most common source for life guard rescue. When caught in a rip current experts advise swimming methodically and diagonally back towards shore.

    According to the video, nobody was hurt during the filming. If he plays his cards right, John could land an endorsement deal from a certain vacuum cleaner manufacturer.


    Image screenshot of video by MrTeamZissou on youtube

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