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    SONCON, LLC Launches Website Featuring Camping and Survival Products

    Steve and Cathy O’Neil are proud to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website carries camping stoves and cooking equipment, first aid and survival supplies as well as other useful camping and outdoor products. Steve O’Neil is someone who has been camping since he was a young child and thus, has many years of experience with camping equipment and camp stoves. He hopes to use his experience to help his customers make the right choices with their products.

    The O’Neils believe that a lot of people don’t go camping because they don’t have the experience and are apprehensive about it. What Steve and Cathy O’Neil wish to do with is help introduce their customers to new aspects of camping by showing them that with the right supplies, all offered in the online store, planning and going on a camping trip is much easier than those people might have originally anticipated.

    One thing that customers can use the products on for is to build survival skills. “The reason for the website’s name is because camping is all about being prepared to survive, so going camping can help you build your survival skills,” Steve O’Neil stated. There are many excellent high quality items on the website that are intended to enhance anyone’s camping experience, including small camping stoves that are efficient, portable, and useful for survival situations.

    Not only are the products offered on good for camping, they are affordable and can be used in emergency situations at home. Being prepared in any situation always makes life more comfortable and less stressful. Preparedness can make all the difference in one’s camping endeavors and will reward campers with good memories of their camping experiences.

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