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    $1.1 Million Project Brings Hydroelectric Power Back to Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park is perhaps America’s most famous national park. It’s home to a diverse selection of wildlife, beautiful scenery, cartoon bears, real bears, and, of course, Old Faithful. Now Yellowstone is about to get a new resident.

    From 1903 until the 1950s Yellowstone had a 100-kilowatt hydroelectric turbine generator near the Mammoth Hot Springs headquarters. That plant was eventually decommissioned.

    Now a $1.1 million dollar project is bringing hydroelectric power back to Yellowstone. The new micro-hydro plant will, according to Jackson Hole Daily, generate as much as 230 kilowatts.

    The new plant will produce about a third of the power needed for Yellowstone administrative buildings in Mammoth.

    “It will save us about $70,000 in electricity,” said Peter Gallindo, project manager and Yellowstone engineer, “It’s a super-green energy source that’s always there.”

    Like their larger counterparts, micro-hydro plants use the natural flow of water to generate electricity.

    This project is part of Yellowstone’s commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions by almost 800 metric tons per year.

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