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    Brent Chapman’s Lazer TroKar Boat Wrap


    How do you improve on arguably what was the best fishing season ever?  The answer is, nobody really knows, but 2012 Elite Series AOY Brent Chapman is going to start by looking better.  No, we aren’t talking about a new flat top haircut like his buddy Randy Howell, a Ducky Dynasty style beard, or a bunch of earrings like Jason Quinn. We are talking about Chapman’s new lightning blue and black Lazer Trokar wrap covering his 2013 Triton Elite Series Tour boat.

    What was the inspiration behind the new look?  A new stronger partnership with Lazer Troakr, makers of the sharpest fishing hooks ever made. Chapman explains, “After last season, the great people at Lazer Trokar and Wright and McGill were excited about making our relationship stronger. I agreed because I know their products had a big part of my success on the water last year. For me to have a season like that, all of my equipment had to work flawlessly and that starts with the Lazer Trokar hooks and the

    Wright and McGill rods and reels. Any failure, on even a single fish, could have been the difference between Angler of the Year, runner up or worse.”

    Chapman will be debuting his new boat wrap in late February at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I loved my green and purple wrap, and TightLines UV is still a major sponsor, but I am excited about the new look for 2013. I can’t wait to pull this wrap through the BOK center in a few weeks,” Chapman stated.

    Lazer Trokar Marketing Director Chris Russell is proud to take on a more instrumental role in supporting Chapman’s career. “Brent has been part of TroKar since the beginning in 2009, and he has been an important part of the design and development of the hooks styles and shapes. Watching Brent excel last season and the confidence he has going into this season, we just can’t wait for Tulsa. After last year, we knew that Brent would have lots of opportunities from many companies and we wanted to solidify our partnership.  Brent’s a valuable asset to the Lazer Trokar and Wright and McGill companies and even more importantly he’s part of our family. As proud as we are of his 2012 season, we know he’s still just getting started, and we are looking forward to being a part of it.

    Lazer Trokar is the manufacturer of the world’s only surgically sharpened fishing hooks.  They are the strongest, sharpest, baddest hooks ever made.  In addition to making hooks for every bass fishing application, Lazer Trokar has recently started their production of saltwater hooks. Russell explains, “We make a unique hook, we believe a better hook.  The consumers are taking notice and the feedback has been tremendously positive over the first few years.  What we like most is that even the professional anglers we don’t sponsor are using our hooks.  That’s when you know you are doing something right.”

    Image courtesy Lazer TroKar

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