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    Aussie Invention Wins US Product of Year at Outdoor Retailer Winter

    An Australian–designed filter installed in a collapsible water bottle, has scooped the pool at the US largest outdoor retail trade show.

    The Vapur Microfilter collapsible water bottle was given the prestigious accolade during judging of all the latest retail products released for the outdoor retail market.

    The bottle is designed specifically for campers, hikers, and fitness enthusiasts as it can collapse down to a compact, lightweight parcel that can fit into a small pocket or backpack.


    The Vapur Microfilter is fitted with a highly specialised filter, designed by Australian company Sureaqua, which is capable of filtering bacteria and viruses from any contaminated water supply.

    It is the leading portable filter in the world, capable of filtering deadly diseases/bacteria including cholera, giardia and cryptosporidium from any water source.

    Following this week’s official release at the US Winter Outdoor Retail Trade Show, frenzied sales has seen the Vapur Microfilter sold out within days.

    It is now available online at and will be released into Australia early this year, where it will be available from leading camping, fitness and outdoor stores.

    Image courtesy Sure Aqua

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