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    Footbalance Brings Patented Dynamic Core Technology to the Home-Moldable Footbed Market

    With two width options and two molding methods, Footbalance QuickFit bridges the gap between fully custom-molded footbeds and standard off-the-shelf models

    Footbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, is proud to launch Footbalance QuickFit, the brand’s new innovation in home-moldable footbeds.

    Footbalance North America will be rolling out the new product, point of purchase displays and booking programs at the Snowsports Industries America trade show in Denver, Colorado January 31 through February 3, 2013.

    After molding more than one million 100% custom footbeds worldwide, Footbalance used its in-depth knowledge of the foot, combined with the Footbalance award winning and patented technology, to create QuickFit.

    QuickFit, like the 100% custom product, is based on the Footbalance Balance Plate, a dynamic core designed to allow healthy foot function to activate feet muscles and strengthen them in all activities.

    QuickFit pre-molded footbeds can be customized to users’ unique feet in one of two ways—either the Wear Mold or Heat Mold methods. With the Wear Mold method, users place the pre-formed footbeds in their shoes, where a natural customization process will take place over time. The Heat Mold method allows users to customize the footbeds in their conventional oven at home, or in a Footbalance oven at participating retailers to quickly contour the QuickFit footbeds perfectly to their feet. By walking around for five minutes, the QuickFit Heat Mold footbeds take form while the patented Balance Plate core provides optimal posture and alignment.

    Footbalance QuickFit footbeds come in a narrow width model for narrow to normal width shoes and a standard width model that fits normal to wider shoes. They also feature a universal mid-to-high arch height that will mold to arches of all shapes and sizes.

    Footbalance QuickFit pre-molded footbeds complement the brand’s current line of 100% custom molded footbeds. The fully custom option is rapidly molded in fewer than 10 minutes by trained Footbalance dealers using the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of users’ unique foot dynamics and stance. The Footbalance team includes medical specialists, sports professionals and footwear designers working to create footwear products to enhance the health, comfort and performance of its users, for a wide range of activities.

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