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    Camping no Longer Allowed at Hemlock Cliffs Trailhead in Indiana

    Camping is no longer allowed at the trailhead and parking area at Hemlock Cliffs. It has long been a popular camping area but this has been the only trailhead on the Hoosier National Forest that allowed camping.  “Unfortunately, due to vandalism we have to prohibit camping in this parking area,” said Nancy Myers, recreation planner for the Tell City District.

    “Vandalism has become a real problem.  People remove and burn the split rail fence for their campfires,” explains Myers. She added that litter is also an increasing problem.  Myers noted that the Forest Plan prohibits camping at trailheads, so to be consistent camping is no longer allowed at the Hemlock Cliffs Trailhead and Parking Area.

    Parking space at the trailhead is limited and on busy weekends, campers occupy parking spaces.

    Patrols will be increased to ensure compliance with the new policy. Violators are subject to a citation and $100 fine.

    There are other camping opportunities for people that would still like to camp and explore Hemlock Cliffs for a weekend.  For instance, Indian Celina Recreation Area offers two camp loops a short distance away.

    Any questions regarding camping at Hemlock Cliffs should be directed to the Tell City Office of the Hoosier at (812) 547-7051 or to [email protected]

    Image courtesy Wayne and Hoosier National Forests

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