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    Triton Boats on Display at the Knoxville Exp Show

    Fishing Holdings, LLC dba Triton Boats (Triton) and Tri-County are headed to the Knoxville Expo Show in Knoxville, Tenn. The Triton experience offers consumers fun and great deals when selecting a boat for the upcoming season.

    At each boat show this season, Triton is offering several show specials while the local Triton dealer is on location.

    “We are excited about getting more consumers an opportunity to experience Triton,” said Adam Adkisson, Vice President of Marketing for Triton Boats. “Our Triton dealers are the best in the business and will find the best Triton for our consumers. It is all about finding what best fits the individual.”

    Knoxville Expo Center
    January 31 – February 3
    5441 Clinton Hwy
    Knoxville, TN 37912
    (865) 686-3200

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