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    Find Your Adventure with the New Madshus Cross Country Downhill Ski Line

    With three seasons of steady increases in backcountry ski participation, more and more people are discovering the appeal of untracked snow, and backcountry touring sales nearly doubled for the 2010-11 season, according to Snowsports Industries of America. The options are endless in the backcountry, where fresh tracks don’t have to mean steep peaks and big descents. Bridging between worlds of pure Nordic and alpine design, the new Cross Country Downhill (CCD) series of skis from Madshus continues to lead this growing category, allowing skiers to explore new frontiers with even more stability and ease.

    Madshus has been building skis for the highest levels of adventure needs of recreational explorers for over 100 years. The oldest ski company in production today, Madshus continues to build skis with the highest quality materials and a commitment to craftsmanship for both the race and the recreational customer. Madshus Cross Country Downhill skis provide the perfect blend of Nordic and downhill design, the embodiment of efficiency and versatility for off-trail travel. The CCD series offers Nordic kick and glide technologies, along with downhill-oriented backcountry designs. Progressive sidecuts and carbon reinforcements initiate smooth turns and hold a stong edge.

    The popular Cross Country Downhill Series will debut all-new graphics for 2013-2014.
    Each CCD ski features an Omnitrak base, allowing the user to kick, glide and climb confidently, while skiing up and down without the hassle of transitions. These skis are perfect for everything from snowy logging roads to forested glades and higher mountain terrain.

    Annum – MSRP $370

    Blends a Nordic heritage with a wider, turn-oriented platform to create a completely unique, light backcountry touring ski.

    • Length: 165-195/10cm
    • Sidecut: 109-78-95mm
    • Weight/pair: 2622g/185cm
    • Core: Multicore
    • Base: Omnitrak

    Epoch – MSRP $340

    A confident go-anywhere ski, the Epoch quickly covers ground up or down hills and anything in between.

    • Length: 165-195/10cm
    • Sidecut: 99-68-84mm
    • Weight/pair: 2530g/185cm
    • Core: Multicore
    • Base: Omnitrak

    Eon/Eon Wax – MSRP $295

    The Eon is the classic bridge between Nordic and Downhill design, the embodiment of efficiency and versatility for off-trail travel.

    • Length: 165-195/10cm
    • Sidecut: 83-62-70mm
    • Weight/pair: 2026g/185cm
    • Core: Multicore
    • Base: Omnitrak or P-Tex 2000 Electra waxable base on the Eon Wax

    Logo courtesy Madshus

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