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    The Dutch Oven Goes Square

    Throughout the history of the Dutch oven, these cast iron pots have been round. This year, Camp Chef is introducing the first-ever square Dutch oven. “We’ve created a square Dutch oven to better utilize the cooking space on top of a camp stove or a kitchen range,” Steve McGrath, spokesman for Camp Chef, says. “The square Dutch oven also gives you more capacity for cooking stews, chili, beans or any-other dish in a Dutch oven.” You’ll have a cooking surface on top of the lid of a square Dutch oven too. And, what’s even more impressive is that you can turn the lid over, and the lid has grill markings on the inside top or lid of the Dutch oven. As McGrath explains, “You can turn the lid over, put it on your camp stove or kitchen range and grill steaks, hamburgers, pork chops or other meats” Visit to learn more about the new square top Dutch oven from Camp Chef.

    Image by John Phillips

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