Film: “Strong” Lessons Learned from Surviving an Avalanche

    Not only was Roger Strong confined to a wheelchair for months after an avalanche tore his tibias from his femurs in both legs, but he spent his time in the chair contemplating whether his love of adventure was fair to his family. “We are all going to make mistakes. It’s truly learning from them that makes life really sweet,” Strong said. Exactly one year to the day later, Strong returned to Snoqualmie Pass in Washington after a year spent attending physical rehabilitation. Miraculously, he returned to the mountains in skis.

    The video below, titled Strong by Arc’Teryx, follows Roger Strong as he comes face to face with the tree that almost killed him and he talks of the decisions he’s made and what is yet to come for him and his family.

    Image screenshot of video by Arc'Teryx on vimeo

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