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    SUP ATX Acquires Lahui Kai and Introduces SUP ATX Racing

    SUP ATX, the world’s largest producer of stand up paddleboards, announces the acquisition of Lahui Kai, the industry leader in cutting edge race board design. With the addition of Lahui Kai, SUP ATX will again lead the way in the global growth of SUP by popularizing the racing segment of the sport via the new SUP ATX Racing program. The new program features cutting edge racing paddlboards and training programs with a focus on the three pillars of Lahui Kai coach Mick Di Betta’s success; find the best people, provide the best training, and field the best equipment.

    Founded in 2009, SUP ATX gained immediate traction in the market and quickly became the SUP industry leader. With over 50,000 SUP’s sold worldwide and over 260,000 Facebook fans, SUP ATX has been at the forefront of the rapidly growing paddle sport. “Since our inception we have been driven to introduce the sport of SUP to as many people, in as many locations as possible,” said SUP ATX CEO, Chris Dunn. “Now we are looking to expand our offerings to new functional areas of SUP, including racing and touring. With the acquisition of long time partner Lahui Kai and introduction of SUP ATX Racing, we are positioned to enter the growing race market offering cutting edge, high quality boards at affordable prices.”

    Although well respected within the tight-nit paddling circle, the story of Lahui Kai is relatively unknown. SUP ATX will now put the small grassroots company from Australia’s gold coast on the world stage. “Lahui Kai has put someone in the top ten at the Battle of the Paddle four consecutive years, with two first place finishes… no one seems to know that, but now they will,” said SUP ATX Racing brand manager, Pete Stirling.

    Training has always been a critical factor in Lahui Kai’s success. Now, with the help of SUP ATX, Di Betta will share his knowledge with the larger paddling public. The Coach will post daily workouts through the new SUP ATX Racing website beginning in early 2013. “Improving and continuing to improve throughout the year requires proper training… Lahui Kai has proven success,” says Di Betta. SUP ATX racing features online workouts and on-site race clinics intended to develop interest in the sport of SUP racing.

    The value of having the worlds largest producer of SUP in his corner is not over looked by Di Betta. “Working with SUP ATX has given me the freedom to take the R&D to the next level,” says the Coach. He stresses, “Success means getting the best and latest designs to keep ahead of the competition with the surf craft.” SUP ATX is in the unique position of being able to provide the best product in the market at a reasonable and obtainable price.

    “SUP ATX respects my methods and ability to find the right athletes and provide them with the proper craft and training to become leaders in this sport,” says Di Betta. Adding, “I really feel like a part of a big family with the team at SUP ATX and grateful we can work together.” SUP ATX will begin distribution of the 2013 Lahui Kai line in Late March.

    Image courtesy SUP ATX

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