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    Adventure Technology Introduces New Touring Line of Paddles

    Adventure Technology, known for its leadership in ergonomic paddle design, builds on its brand promise withthree new touring paddles that are now available at retail. Designed for water adventures of all types and lengths, the new Adventure Technology touring line offers something for everyone. 

    AT Quest Carbon and Quest Glass Paddles: One of the most versatile touring paddles on the market, the Quest Carbon and Glass feature lightweight blades constructed of carbon weave and fiberglass, respectively, and are available with two shafts to choose from, a straight shaft and AT’s renowned ergonomic shaft design. Ideal for paddlers who prefer a more relaxed stroke style and posture, but want the ability to paddle aggressively without any flutter. Precisely balanced blades allow it to be used for both low and high angle paddling, while its soft dihedral and forgiving powerface ensure each stroke is smooth and efficient. Whether you prefer a leisurely trip around the lake or the excitement of charging into coastal swells, the Quest won’t let you down. Available lengths (cm): 210, 220, 230, 240. MSRP: $235, straight shaft; $300, ergo (glass); $320, straight shaft; $400, ergo (carbon).

    AT Odyssey Carbon and Odyssey Glass Paddles: The Odyssey offers performance characteristics similar to the Quest, but with a slightly larger blade surface. It features the same technical blade constructions and is available in both straight and ergo shaft options. Just as versatile as the Quest, the oversized Odyssey blade has a faster catch and substantially more purchase. Ideal for shorter trips, it allows for quicker acceleration and more powerful strokes. The larger powerface makes it easier to roll decked kayaks and maneuver heavy sit-on-top kayaks. Available lengths (cm): 210, 220, 230, 240. MSRP: $235, straight shaft; $300, ergo (glass); $320, straight shaft; $400, ergo (carbon).

    AT Oracle Carbon and Oracle Glass Paddles: The Oracle is our most powerful touring blade. It features lightweight carbon or fiberglass construction options and is available with two carbon shaft designs to choose from. Its blade design has less dihedral than the Quest and Odyssey, providing a more powerful stroke and better stability when bracing or rolling in choppy conditions. Ideal for paddlers with a more aggressive stoke style, the Oracle’s high angle blade improves boat control and maximizes stroke efficiency. Available lengths (cm): 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235*, 240* (*straight shaft only) MSRP: $235, straight shaft; $300, ergo (glass); $320, straight shaft; $400, ergo (carbon).

    Image courtesy Adventure Technology

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