Talus Outdoor Technologies Expands into the United Kingdom

    Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC, maker of the ColdAvenger line of cold weather face masks, announces its exclusive distributor partnership with Cold Front, Ltd, Outdoor Clothing Systems & Arctic Expeditions in the United Kingdom. Cold Front will distribute the ColdAvenger Classic, ColdAvenger Pro, ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava and ColdAvenger Hunter.

    Cold Front provides outdoor clothing, equipment and systems to arctic expeditions, active winter athletes and consumers in the UK.

    “We currently have retailers in the United States and Canada, so expanding into the United Kingdom is a big step,” says John Sullivan, CEO of Talus Outdoor Technologies. “The demand is high throughout the UK and we look forward to being able to accommodate our consumers outside of North America.”

    “The ColdAvenger is the perfect product for the cold weather enthusiasts we have throughout the UK,” says Robert Phillips, Director of Cold Front, Ltd. “The technology built into every mask really provides a solution to comfort and performance in the elements. We’re excited to start working with this successful US company!”

    The ColdAvenger cold weather face mask achieves four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control, and ease of breathing during hard work or play. The genius of ColdAvenger’s simple ventilation design allows for an easy, comfortable fit for ease of breathing with no moving or mechanical parts. The ColdAvenger’s patent-pending ventilation technology keeps temperatures inside the mask 40°– 60°F higher than outside air.

    Image courtesy Talus Outdoor Technologies

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