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    Video: Crocodile Acrobatics in an Australian National Park

    The crocodile is hardly visible on the rock in the video below, but it’s there and it’s just waiting to strike. Three Swedish tourists were testing a new diving housing for their camera while swimming in a national park in Australia with crocodiles when one unexpectedly leapt from its resting place.

    Felix Andersson was testing the underwater camera as his friend filmed the video below. Andersson tried to approach the sun-bathing crocodile quietly. He hid behind a rock as he did so. His approach worked and the crocodile had no idea he was there. When Andersson’s friend with the camera got too close to the croc, it leapt right into Andersson, who was so shocked from adrenaline that he didn’t feel the pain in his shoulder until after the fact.

    “I just heard Ulrik yelling ‘watch out Felix’ so I knew it was coming, but I was still really shocked and  I just went straight underwater and swam away,” Andersson told the BBC. “People are saying we were really stupid what we did. And by watching it afterwards, we completely agree with that, it was really stupid, but I guess we got caught in the moment.”

    Image screenshot of video by Aussie on liveleak

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